Thursday, March 20, 2008

A New Page

Actually this isn't a new page. I did this one in January but I am only now uploading and blogging new pages I have done this year. I stole this idea from Staci. I just loved the individual explanation of each kid. This is the first page in our 2008 book (after the title page). It' s a little boring and lacks accent, but it'll do. I decided I am going to do one like this each January of the kids. It will be fun to see how they evolve. Thanks for the idea Staci!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pimpin' Aint Easy

Lynette and I are still getting the kinks worked out of the craft night we started a few months ago. I've decided I am the craft night pimp. I made so many calls today trying to collect our money from people who still owed. I just need some gold chains and a cane. Here is part one of last month's project. It's 6x12 inches. Cute idea Lynette! The second craft we did that night will get posted about shortly.

March Card Swap

I have been so bad about posting on this blog. I actually have a million things to post, but it is a matter of getting pictures uploaded and then sitting down and writing about them! This month the card swap theme was "thank you". I'm not crazy about my cards because I had to do them the afternoon of. Oh well. Tomorrow I will take a picture of the super cute cards I got and make a post about it. I also have about 20 scrapbook layouts that are all done, just waiting to be journaled and photographed. Hopefully all of this will be done by week's end!