Thursday, May 22, 2008

School Picture Project

I tend to overbook myself. A few weeks ago I was in the shower and that is when I do my best brainstorming. I thought "Hey, I should go take a nice picture of Ethan's class so I can scrapbook it". Then when I suggested that to the teacher I suddenly volunteered to do all three classes. Let's just say this turned out to be an ordeal.

But finally they are done and just in time. I made each one into a nice keepskae for the kids. If they want to do something else with the picture like stick it in an album it won't be too hard tp peel the picture from the mounting. They turned out pretty well. And ignore the different paper choices. That was an ordeal in itself. I mis-calculated how much paper I would need and then Hailey found a glue stick and ruined several sheets. So I improvised.


Missy said...

They look great!

Staci said...

did you mount them ALL on scrapbook paper? that looks like a lot of work. you should purchase lasting impressions MEMORY MIXER. it does all that for you. all you have to do is print them out. love that program. and their paper of course.