Thursday, January 13, 2011

On Writing It Down

One of my favorite things about the new year picking out a new day planner. Yes, I am of the old school generation that still loves to have things written out ON PAPER. I have a very fancy phone and it has an electronic planner within it, but I hate using it. Not that I don't understand how to, but I hate having my day in an electronic form. I could go on for days about how I feel like I was born 100 years later than I should have been because I don't like most of the technology that surrounds me today.

I write in my planner several times a day. I make lists. I get the kind of planner that has an entire page for each day because I love having lots of room to make these lists. I love making to-do lists because I LOVE marking things off when they are completed. It gives me a rush! Sometimes I write things down that I have already done, just so I can mark them off. I have a few pages in the back that I use for frequently used phone numbers and I do my best to actually dial out a number when I call someone, rather than depending on the programmed numbers within my phone. I would be up a creek if something were to ever happen to my archived numbers if I didn't have them written down somewhere else!

Each night before bed I open my planner and look at the next day. I write out everything that I need to do that day. Phone calls to make, what room to clean, what closet to sort through, what project to work on, kid drop offs/pick ups, things I need to buy at the store, meetings, what to make for dinner, etc. It's all spelled out for me the night before and it makes the next day go much smoother.

I love the way my planner looks and feels after months of use. The corners are worn and the pages are wrinkled. It's like a mini-jounral of my life. It keeps track of everything that my family is up to, and these days it's getting busier and busier. I love when I am making an appointment, that I can whip out my planner and look at dates, right there in front of me. It thrills me to have things to write down. I am NEVER at a loss for something to schedule or record, and it thrills me just the same each time I do it! Yesterday I got the girls' ballet recital season schedule (pictures, rehearsals, performances, etc) and I was very exxited to write it down!! Am I a freak that it makes me so happy? There is nothing better than sitting down every week and look toward the upcoming weeks to see what's in store for us. I schedule EV-ERY-THING. When I was a kid I often times carried around a clipboard with some sort of organizational something-or-ther on it. Probably not normal for a kid to do that, but it was me. It's for sure carried over into adulthood!

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Brandi said...

I also use paper! I hate the idea of mini-computers to have to tote around. I'm working harder at getting organized. I love that you write things down the night before. I miss you and need to get some ideas from you!