Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stackable Saw Horses

With twelve 2x4s, a box of three inch screws, a drill, and a chop saw, I now have four beautifully sturdy and stackable saw horses. I have been needing a couple of saw horses for quite some time, but the ones that are worth a darn at the hardware store are about $25 a piece. Hard to bring myself to pay that anytime I am there.

My dad has been busy building these babies in the garage today. He drew up the plans in his CAD program, and they are actually very simple to make. The best part is that they stack perfectly which is great since we are limited on space. The lumber they are made of is super light and even a big pregnant lady can stack and unstack the highest one. I will try to get him to send me the plans in a format that will let me post it on here.

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Alicia Jane said...

Love them...I need some too. It's so great that you have your dad around right now and that he loves tools and building! I have no one around me that likes to build or even wants to really learn (even Shawn doesn't really care for it right now) so it's just me doing stuff all by my lonesome. Anyways, can't wait to see projects!!